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A Caregiver’s Journey

Still Standing


My new writer/blog cards are ready for press.  I came up with the new tag line wit in writing,  and I thought I was such a clever girl for concocting it.  Two ‘w’s’ in three words!  Give that woman a ...

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A few weeks ago during Sunday service the young girl in front of me was casually surfing the internet for new shoes via her iPad.  The Gestapo mom in me wanted to lean over, shut the laptop and say, “Don’t ...

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Words With Friends

Dear Megan, You’ve been gone four years.   I don’t miss the loneliness and isolation that accompanied your terminal illness, but I do miss your words, “Talk to me, Momoushka.” On this anniversary of your death, here’s the Chat Soup that ...

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Happy 31st Birthday, Megan Bosselman

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last. – Moira Rogers Dear Megan, It was minutes before midnight on your birthday, and I wasn’t feeling that writing magic when ...

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And It Doesn’t Look Trashy….

I must be honest that it makes me laugh that so many of my friends believe that my last blog, “Joy Rising” was a casual introduction to let everyone know that I got a tattoo in Megan’s memory.  It cracks ...

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Joy Rising

Megan was all of fifteen years old when she asked if I would sign a parental waiver so she could have a big butterfly tattooed on her ankle/calf.  My emotionless, steely eyed response to her under-age request was ‘never gonna ...

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Project 23 – Tune In To Humanity

When asked the date of my daughter’s death, my response used to be “Easter Sunday, 2008.”  With the Christian calendar rotating every year, Easter Sunday can fall anywhere from mid-March to April.  The day she died was significant to me ...

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Framed…on Valentine’s Day

I just love Valentine’s Day. When you’re little, what’s not to love about a jar of pasty glue, white doilies, and pair of dull scissors that artfully transform a shoebox into the love box? In grade school, February 14th was ...

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Happy 30th Birthday, Megan Bosselman

Dear Megan, A year has passed, but my thoughts from the blog on your 29th birthday have changed little: I cried last weekend.  Your birthday is the day I struggle with the most.  Holidays present their unique challenges, but your ...

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